What we do

Preserve Larchmont is dedicated to preserving and promoting the historical traditions of the Village of Larchmont.

Instead of being a reactive crisis-oriented organization, Preserve Larchmont is a civic-minded organization that puts its money where its mouth is and works proactively to save our village's heritage. 

Preserve Larchmont demonstrates the cultural, social and economic benefits of preservation as good public policy by proving that preservation and progress go hand-in-hand.

Anyone who has visited Larchmont knows the timeless feel to the neighborhoods and unique character is what makes it different from any other village in America. Preserve Larchmont's mission is to keep these qualities intact for generations to come.

Larchmont is unique with its celebrated 18th, 19th and early 20th century architecture, countless Century Homes Club homes, various parks of historical note.

However, the impact of overdevelopment by outside corporate developers exploiting our village's lush properties due to lax zoning laws has put Larchmont in a crisis. Led by several concerned Larchmonters, the Preserve Larchmont organization’s formal entry into the world of preservation and real estate.