Vanderburgh Avenue Subdivision

The residents on Vanderburgh asked the town to prevent demolition of the house at 5 Vanderburgh Ave, until the developer had an approved plan in place.   

The town allowed the demolition to occur and now the residents have to live next to a dump site, while the developer continues to try to push his plan through the Planning Board.   

The developer has not maintained a fence around the property as he is required to do and this site has become an eyesore and a hazard for local residents. We are already are enduring the negative effects of lax oversight and zoning in our village.

The flooding in Turtle Park will continue to worsen as a direct result of a developer tearing down a single family home in an effort to subdivide the lot with plans for FOUR houses to be built on this lot.

One Home Soon To Be FOUR

Take a look at what is happening at 5 Vanderburgh.  The exploitation of Larchmont's land has created a crisis.