Quality of Life

Larchmont is on the brink of a crisis in our schools as a result of overcrowding. 

The Board of Education is considering moving grades to different schools. A development of several homes would only further challenge our school's limited space.

Developers adding potentially several more homes and condos further jeopardizes displacing our children and risks disrupting their educational and social dynamics and needs.

Antiquated Zoning Laws: The Village has suffered from out-dated zoning laws that have enabled developers to exploit Larchmont. The effects can be seen in every corner of the small village. 

Property value of surrounding homes risks a significant negative impact. 

Increased traffic generated by construction and development.

Large scale construction of several new homes will create a long-term disruption for neighborhoods, street side parking will be limited, and there will be increased traffic in neighborhoods where children play and extensive noise from construction.

Less greenspace: More homes and condos equals less open space.

Deforestation: Old growth trees would be cut down, radically changing the landscape and aesthetic of many neighborhoods.

Less greenspace = more flooding: Many neighborhoods are already prone to flooding. The addition of multiple new dwellings would increase runoff and potential for catastrophic flooding.

Sewage: There are already on-going issues with sewage flow in many village neighborhoods. Multiple new homes would only further complicate this issue.

Environmental Impact

Impact on Schools


Help us stop the trend

We can no longer sit idly by as developers exploit Larchmont for their own means and in the process devastate the environment and and let our village's heritage wallow in overdevelopment.

  • The environment is negatively impacted.  
  • Our neighborhood experience is negatively impacted.  
  • The values of our homes are negatively impacted.
  • Our children’s ability to enjoy Larchmont is negatively impacted.
  • Historic homes are endangered.