Is this Larchmont's future?

Where once a 1952 home stood on a mere 0.34-acre lot, now stands TWO homes on the same 0.34-acre lot.

Lacking architectural integrity, these new homes are forever changing the character of Larchmont from a village with a tangible link with the past that all can enjoy and experience to one of cookie-cutter homes on small, now crammed lots.

Palmer Avenue is one of many neighborhoods in Larchmont negatively impacted by the on-going overdevelopment crisis as the teardown trend plagues our small village.  

As this trend spreads like wildfire through out Larchmont, the qualities that make the village special and unique and separates it from a more traditional suburb is being taken away.

Did you know that a large percentage of Larchmont neighborhoods are potential subdivision plots?  If we allow developers and unscrupulous real estate agents to further exploit the loopholes in zoning laws, the consequences are considerable and felt in virtually every neighborhood.