Cookie-Cutter Subdivisions

For over 125 years stood a home on a 0.3-acre lot on Larchmont Avenue.  For over a century, parents walked their children to school passing the old home but that is no more.  Another developer acquired the lot and like several other developers demolished the century-old home and promptly subdividing the lot.

Replacing the old home with two cookie-cutter clone homes crammed on just .015-acre lots, Larchmont Avenue has lost some of its charm and now must deal with more congestion in an already high-trafficked neighborhood.  

An additional driveway, more stress on the sewage systems, more potential children to squeeze into already maxed out classroooms and a general disconnect from the neighborhood aesthetic, these homes are the latest in the on-going teardown trend that is dominating more and more of Larchmont's neighborhoods.

Larchmont Avenue Subdivision