The crisis has only worsened in the past 3 years. Below are some of the neighborhoods currently being exploited by developers:

Developers Exploiting Our Community


One of Westchester’s best kept secrets is the quaint village hugging the Long Island Sound called Larchmont.  Just a quick train ride from Manhattan, Larchmont harkens back to a different time with its classic suburban setting, full of historic homes, a vibrant community and tranquil neighborhoods. 

Unfortunately, in the past few years, developers have discovered the best kept secret on the Long Island Sound and have ruthlessly monetized it by exploiting antiquated and lax zoning regulations.

In just 3 years, multiple apartment buildings have been erected, slowly morphing Larchmont into a more urban environment.  Just take a quick drive on Palmer Avenue, Larchmont Avenue or Madison Avenue and you’ll see the towering structures. 

Over on Lincoln Street, Bronson Avenue and Thompson Place, the teardown trend plaguing Larchmont can be felt.  

Developers have continually looked to cash in and radically reshape Larchmont with massive development plans involving various neighborhoods including Vanderburgh Avenue, Myrtle Boulevard and Ocean Avenue.  There are now rumblings that the historic Larchmont Playhouse may soon be converted into condos. What's next?

As evident over the past few years, developers are ruthlessly efficient and effective at getting approval for projects that have radically altered the community.

Silently operating to avoid community resistance, the developers' goal is to quickly push through their project before the community is aware.

Developers are indifferent to the historical significance of properties, the environmental impact, ramifications on the schools, quality of life and so much more. 

With towering new apartments, residential lots being reimagined with crammed cookie-cutter homes, and now an historic 1800s era homes being targeted, we’re past the point of the conversation being a slippery slope.  

It’s time to preserve Larchmont before the essence of what makes our village so special is forever lost to urban sprawl and commercial developers.

Help Preserve Larchmont by donating and volunteering.