There is Developer’s plan in motion to demolish the 120-year-old historical home at 40 Ocean Avenue in Larchmont and subdivide the property into 4 lots for 4 new homes.  40 Ocean Avenue – know as “The Orchard” – was built in 1896 and is a quintessential and iconic Larchmont property which received a bronze plaque from the Century Homes Club.

In the last few years, we have all watched as Developers have targeted Larchmont, tearing down old, single-family homes, subdividing the lot and installing several cookie-cutter new Development houses (A Developer’s plan was recently approved to tear down a house on Vanderburgh Avenue and replace it with 4 new-development houses). Decisions like this are ruining the character and charm of Larchmont, and eventually impact the overall value of all homes in our community.

In addition, unchecked development of lots within Larchmont is impacting the quality of our schools. Due to overcrowding at Chatswoth Elementary School, the District is already discussing plans to require students to attend different elementary schools. One proposal suggests assigning each of the District’s four elementary schools a grade or two to teach, and then requiring students to attend that school based on their grade level. This plan would separate students from their siblings and destroy the intimacy, continuity and effectiveness of community-based education.

If we continue to allow Developers to demolish historical homes and replace them with subdivisions – cramming as many homes with as much square footage as possible onto lots originally designated for a single-family home - causing a population problem in our schools to turn into a crisis.

Destroying an Historic Home

Century Home: In 2005, "The Orchard" was recognized by the Larchmont Historical Society as a Century Home. 

Historical Importance: American screenwriter, film director, artist and one of the most prolific film producers in history, Paul Terry lived in the home.  It was at 40 Ocean Avenue that Terry created the iconic Mighty Mouse, character as well as many others.

Now, developers aim to demolish it and reshape Larchmont with a development of at least 4 new homes, building on undeveloped land on a property on with a magnificent  manor house and beautifully landscaped lawns.

Ocean Avenue Subdivision